Companies Want Applicants With Social Media Skills

Remember the old way of job hunting. You create a dynamite resume (your  opinion). Then you take the resume  to the local printing shop and have copies  made  on the best paper you could afford. You searched  the classified section of the newspaper; Sunday’s were the best day as they  had the mother lode of open positions. After you settled on the 20 or more positions that you considered to be a good fit for you, you then put your dynamite resume in a envelope and mailed it off. If you were really on top of your game you did a little networking. A friend of a friend might know abut a position that had just opened up, it hadn’t even been posted in the Sunday paper.  Today job hunting has expanded beyond the newspaper and the on-line  job sites such as Alyce Knorr of the AJC writes that companies want applicants with social media skills and who are technologically savvy. Today employers are frequently using social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to recruit new talent. Although, searching for a job through the newspaper or a on-line job site has not become obsolete, companies are turning more and more to the use of social media for recruitment as these sites become more popular and more acceptable. So how are you looking for your next position?


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Avatars, Blogs and Wikis – oh, my!

Through the course of our project, our team has learned that there are numerous examples of government agencies stepping into the world of social media.  And, at the same time, federal employees are so unsure of what their role is.  The Atlanta Federal Executive Board recently advertised a training on Web 2.0 to local Atlanta government employees.  The result?  One person registered for the class.  How do we inspire, motivate, and encourage government employees to jump feet first into these new technologies.

Andrew Kramarzick recently made a presentation to the Boston Federal Executive Board and a Young Government Leaders group on just how to do that.  I’ve uploaded his presentation for you to explore.  Have fun!

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Federal Tweets

Nextgov looked at a random sample of 100 updates from 10 Federal organizations to see what the Feds are talking about. Take a look you might find this interesting

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Integrating Twitter, Facebook and the Blog

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What should government leaders know about Web 2.0?

The White House is now on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Flicker, Youtube, I-tunes, and Vimeo, to name a few of the ways they are leading the charge for Government 2.0.  I have been impressed by the eagerness I’ve seen from all around the government to follow the White House’s lead.  Unfortunately, I think many agencies and government professionals are being held back by confusion about what these tools do and how they can be applied in their organization and professional lives.

So… What can we do about that?  Would a short informational video be of use? Or maybe a Web 2.0 manual for government?  There’s no need to totally reinvent the wheel as there is plenty of information available about Web 2.0.  But, government faces a unique set of challenges and solutions.

Every American is our customer and it is important for government to be transparent and accessible to our customers.  Web 2.0 is well suited to address these challenges.  However, each agency has these challenges presented in a unique way.  Perhaps the right information, ideas, and examples of Government 2.0 can inspire useful innovation across many agencies.

What do you think?  What is the best way to promote Government 2.0 in order to help serve our customers in new and useful ways?

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GovLoop, interesting site

A social networking site for the federal government

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President Obama’s White House Technology Agenda

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