Companies Want Applicants With Social Media Skills

August 26, 2009 at 12:17 am Leave a comment

Remember the old way of job hunting. You create a dynamite resume (your  opinion). Then you take the resume  to the local printing shop and have copies  made  on the best paper you could afford. You searched  the classified section of the newspaper; Sunday’s were the best day as they  had the mother lode of open positions. After you settled on the 20 or more positions that you considered to be a good fit for you, you then put your dynamite resume in a envelope and mailed it off. If you were really on top of your game you did a little networking. A friend of a friend might know abut a position that had just opened up, it hadn’t even been posted in the Sunday paper.  Today job hunting has expanded beyond the newspaper and the on-line  job sites such as Alyce Knorr of the AJC writes that companies want applicants with social media skills and who are technologically savvy. Today employers are frequently using social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to recruit new talent. Although, searching for a job through the newspaper or a on-line job site has not become obsolete, companies are turning more and more to the use of social media for recruitment as these sites become more popular and more acceptable. So how are you looking for your next position?


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